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Deodorant Product Description:

This product is a new generation of microbial deodorant and odor remover composed of a variety of microorganisms such as probiotics, lactobacillus, and actinomycetes. The microbial deodorant uses advanced microbial extraction and mixed fermentation technology and contains a large number of beneficial bacteria and highly active metabolites. It can decompose and transform odor sources, effectively degrade organic substances in odor sources, reduce ammonia and nitrogen content, and significantly remove odors. It can also effectively inhibit the recurrence of odors. Experiments have shown that this product can remove 96% of ammonia and 90% of hydrogen sulfide, effectively reducing odor concentration.


Scope of Application:

This product is suitable for places that generate odors, such as chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, kitchen waste treatment plants, slaughterhouses, soy product factories, breeding farms, sewage treatment plants, garbage transfer stations, and garbage treatment plants.



1. Promote the decomposition of organic pollutants, reduce BOD and COD, and purify water quality.

2. Improve the purification capacity of sewage treatment systems.

3. Eliminate environmental odors and inhibit the growth of harmful pathogens.

4. Composting organic waste for resource recycling and reducing environmental pollution.

5. Reduce odors in the environment and clean up sewer pipe odors.


Spray deodorant (for odor treatment in open areas)

For example, at a landfill, install a spray device above the garbage pit and spray the microbial deodorant working solution onto the dumped garbage every day.

Spray deodorant (for odor treatment of industrial and domestic waste gases)

For example, in a paper mill, use a spray tower for deodorization after collecting industrial waste gas. Depending on the composition of the odor, a multi-stage spray tower can be selected to remove the odor. The specific process is determined by technical personnel according to the site conditions. The working solution of this product can be added to the circulating water in the spray tower, and the amount added can be adjusted according to the air volume and odor concentration.

Spray deodorant (for odor removal in places)

For example, in a slaughterhouse, dilute the product at a ratio of 10-50 times and spray it directly on the odor source and in the location where the odor is particularly strong. The spraying frequency can be adjusted according to the site conditions.

Direct addition to sewage for deodorization (suitable for sewage and black and odorous water)

For example, in a sewage treatment plant, add the microbial deodorant at a certain ratio to the sewage pool (biochemical pool), which can effectively reduce the organic content and remove odors.

Storage and Packaging:

Store the product in a cool, dark place with a shelf life of six months.

The product is packaged in 25kg plastic drums or according to customer requirements.


Created on:2023-04-13 14:14