Introducing BWD-01 Water Decoloring Agent: an Advanced Solution for Color Removal in Wastewater

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BWD-01 Water Decoloring Agent is a specialized and highly effective product developed to tackle the challenge of color removal in wastewater. Specifically designed to target hydrophilic dyes, such as reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, and others, this innovative solution offers remarkable results.


By harnessing its fast-acting formula and requiring only a low dosage, BWD-01 swiftly clears the color, improves the settling of processing liquids, and enhances the removal rate of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

This cutting-edge decolorizing flocculant represents a breakthrough in chemical agents utilized for various applications, including color removal, flocculation, and CODcr reduction in wastewater generated by textile processing plants, dye industries, and other sectors. Its exceptional color removal ability stems from the abundant cations it provides, which effectively neutralize the negative charges present on dye molecules. Furthermore, these cations promote the destabilization of flocs through hydrolysis, leading to efficient color removal.


BWD-01 Water Decoloring Agent is a medium molecular weight polymeric coagulant and an extremely efficient decoloring flocculant. Its significance lies in its role in industries that produce colored effluents, as untreated effluents can have significant consequences on the availability of reusable water resources. In regions where water scarcity is a pressing concern, BWD-01 emerges as an indispensable tool for facilitating the recycling of industrial effluents into process water. By doing so, it effectively addresses the issue of colored effluents generated by these industries, providing a sustainable and environmentally conscious solution.


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Created on:2023-06-07 16:03